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French Unit Studies

French Unit Studies are made up of teaching resources and activities focusing on a specific topic or theme. Designed to help children learn and understand new concepts in English and French. These workbooks will be incredibly beneficial for your children, helping them to become confident, independent bilingual learners!

Superb Bilingual French & English Unit Study on the human body. Ideal for helping your child become familiar with this theme in both languages.

It consists of 26 pages including: 

  • Bilingual nomenclature cards,

  • Simple, child-friendly explanations of the human body,

  • A "Hospital" role-play kit for hours of fun, 

  • Fun, educational activities such as word searches, anagrams, etc.

It's a real play and learning tool covering a wide range of skills and levels, from kindergarten to early elementary. Very practical and functional, all you have to do is print it out at home or at work, and you're ready to go!


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