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Discover our innovative A4 poster, specially designed to help children learn how to conjugate 1st group verbs in French. This teaching aid is an indispensable tool for children learning this beautiful language. With its clear presentation and methodical organization, this poster is a visual guide to help master conjugation rules quickly and effectively.


This colourful and attractive poster captures children's attention, making learning both fun and interactive. By displaying this poster on a bedroom or classroom wall, the 1st group verbs will no longer be a mystery to your pupils or children. They'll be able to take a look at this conjugation chart at any time, encouraging continuous learning and spontaneous revision.


Using this poster as a learning tool offers a visual approach that is proven to be effective for long-term memory. It is particularly useful for visual learners who benefit from graphic references to consolidate their knowledge. Easy to read and understand, this poster is an excellent way of encouraging independent learning and boosting children's self-confidence in their ability to master the conjugations of French 1st group verbs.

Le 1er Group/The 1st Group

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